Savary stories.

Shipwrecks, fires, steamships, murder, robbery and pirates make this small Island's history enticing. These days life on the Island is rather more serene.


Do bring mosquito spray! There are mosquitos on the Island however the good news is there are no bears, cougars, racoons or rats. Deer are plentiful though.

Environment and Ecology.

The Island has some sensitive and fragile areas; visitors are asked to respect the environment and stay on the existing trails and paths. The Savary Island Land Trust (SILT) are actively trying to protect the Island. For more information on the ecosystem or to help click. 



The Community.

Less than 100 people live on the Island permently however the population can rise to over 2,000 in the height of the season. The community maintains 3 fire halls, all with volunteers. There is also a church and line dancing classes.


Cell Service and Internet.

Some networks work and some don't, internet is dial up only and hard to come by. There are several public phone booths scattered on the Island.  In short Savary is a great place to escape! 


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